Our family company, Güzelocak Gıda, is a well-established company that has been producing food since 1985. I was proud of the brand, which our father Murat Güzelolcak laid the foundations 40 years ago, and which has always been cited as an example with its product quality, commercial approach and business ethics by our family elder Saffet Güzelocak and his brothers for years, and I took them as an example.


As the daughter-in-law of the family, an agricultural engineer and a mother, I officially established the BEYORGANIK brand 15 years ago. In fact, the establishment of our brand dates back much further. 24 years ago, with the birth of my son Murat Can, I personally experienced the difficulties in accessing healthy and clean food. My search continued with my daughter Azra. Since the first day, I have endured a lot of trouble, effort, cost and time to ensure that my children eat organic and healthy. I saw that many conscious mothers were experiencing the same problems I was experiencing, and from that day on, I started thinking and working on what I could do. When my children were little, I gave them my priority and although I wanted to work very much and loved working, I postponed my life to work hard and spent intense time with them. During this process, I worked for years to establish the BEYORGANIK brand. At that time, it was very difficult to access traditional food that was organic, probiotic, and had as little processing as possible.

Twenty years ago, when I bought milk from the dairy store and fermented yoghurt for my children, this situation was considered very strange. Again, the right to tarhana was not given to tarhana at that time. Bringing foods that are very important for children’s growth, such as organic yoghurt and organic tarhana, to our children was a process that required effort and time. As BEYORGANIK; We prepare foods that are organic, all local, and the vast majority of which are ancestral seeds, in a delicious way to be consumed. When I was studying engineering, there was no such course as ORGANIC. I will never forget my dear teacher Prof. Dr. “When Temel Gençtan told us that wormy apples were sold in markets in America, there was laughter in the class. Wormy apples were sold at a higher price and moreover, there were many buyers.” This was our most organic lesson. :))

For mothers like me who are sensitive about the nutrition of their children, as I am both an agricultural engineer and a mother; I have produced practical and healthy foods that can be cooked in a short time, including organic supplementary foods that are practical to use, soups and formulas that are suitable for complementary foods. BEYORGANIK brand was established so that mothers could spend more time for themselves, work, produce and most importantly, spend quality time with their children. We have been operating on E-Commerce platforms for more than 10 years. We sell on our website, almost all e-commerce platforms, gourmet shops and chain markets. We continue to grow with firm steps and reach more people every day. We are very happy to offer convenience to mothers’ lives and healthy food to babies and children. At first, our product group was mainly aimed at meeting all the needs of children and a baby who switched to solid food.

Over time, we started to produce products to target everyone who wants to eat healthy, support organic and sustainable agriculture, and have access to practical and delicious food, in addition to babies and children. With approximately 200 products ranging from legumes to chocolate, from pasta to spreadable hazelnut/peanut butter, we embrace everyone who wants a non-toxic, healthy and delicious diet. There is definitely a Beyorganik product that will appeal to everyone, be it a baby, a child, a mother or an athlete.

As BEYORGANIK, what we are most proud of is that we support domestic production and farmers. We buy products from Sivas, Konya, Maraş, Van, Antep, Adana, Manisa… almost every city you can think of. There are hundreds of different manufacturers we support. For this reason, we are trying to teach family farmers all the intricacies of organic agriculture, especially with drip irrigation, without using pesticides and herbicides, and using correct fertilizers. The vast majority of our products are heirloom seeds. We are very happy to contribute to the sustainability of healthy foods that are not genetically modified and inherited from our ancestors. For example, ‘ZERUN WHEAT’ is an ancestral seed with a 10 thousand year old story. We have been delivering Zerun wheat to users as live seeds for years. Some use it in their soup, some use it in bread making, and some use it to produce “microgreens” in a microgreen growing machine. If you support Zerun, it means you are supporting organic agriculture in Sivas.– Our products are prepared by a team of 20 people, all of whom are female employees. We have always completed all our certification and audit processes completely and successfully.

On the other hand, by changing the material we consume most in our packaging, we actually preferred recyclable, reusable cardboard and therefore tried to contribute to nature and sustainability. BEYORGANIK has grown by more than 100% every year in the last 5 years. This is entirely thanks to tens of thousands of consumers who have tried our product, been satisfied with it and recommended it. There are thousands of very positive comments about many of our products on e-commerce platforms regarding product quality. So, I think these comments express our quality in the most accurate way, rather than explaining our brand. Hygiene is an indispensable thing in food businesses.

In our production department, with a team consisting entirely of female employees, we prepare all our products as you would at home in your own kitchen. Since organic foods are non-toxic, they are prone to spoilage quickly. To prevent this, all our products are checked daily and most of them are produced weekly. It is very important to work, produce, be involved in life, and shoulder the burden of the family together. Even though I experienced many difficulties, I never stopped fighting and working. Being an entrepreneur means researching, learning, not giving up and always working.

I am proud of the brand I have established and I think I am a good example for my children. I believe that being a female entrepreneur keeps your self-confidence and fighting spirit alive and keeps you alive because of your responsibilities. Beyond being an initiative, BEYORGANIK is a brand that has a responsibility to mothers, babies, children, its employees, hundreds of farmers, our past, and this land. As we say in our slogan, “From the seeds of this soil to the children of this soil”